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Crossing Music Genres

The universality of music is amazing, with all the variations in genres and eventual mixing and cross of the ill defined image boundaries of music genres. I recently got an earful (sweet earful that is) of a compilation CD entitled CHANT DOWN BABYLON that centrally features Bob Marley tracks but the tracks have been remixed with artists like Guru, Erykah Badu, Mr. Cheeks (Lost Boyz), Krayzie Bone (Bone Thugs N Harmony) amongst others. Writing about this compilation doesn’t do it any justice but engage your imagination, if you will: remember any nice Bob track that you have heard (well, I hope you are a fan of Bob’s music) and then picture that being mixed with the lyrics and tempo of a rapper like Guru. I think the track that features Bob and Guru is currently my favorite though Gultiness (Bob and Mr. Cheeks) is up there on my personal ratings as well.

Here is a quote from about this compilation CD:

Krayzie Bone offers a rendition of “Rebel Music” that is one of the album’s high points, while Erykah Badu oozes fiery soul over “No More Trouble” as through she were standing right next to Bob in the studio. Other standouts include Aeorsmith’s appearance on “Roots Rock Reggae” and Rakim’s addition to “Concrete Jungle.” The excellent CHANT DOWN BABYLON functions like a rare glimpse of what Marley’s music may have been like if he were recording today.Erykah Badu,Krayzie Bone,Guru, Steven Tyler&Joe Perry,Busta

Crossing Reggae and Rap is amazing but I think groups like Bone Thugs N Harmony tend to produce some great collaborations with other artists from other genres. The first time I heard of Chant Down Babylon and that it featured a member of Bone Thugs N Harmony, I knew it was going to be a great collaboration judging from the collaboration between Bone Thugs N Harmony and Phil Collins: rap and alternative rock (or whatever you want to call Phil Collins style of music). Another amazing remix and music genre cross was done by Erick Sermon (EPMD) featuring Marvin Gaye; the song is called music.

I am not a musician but I enjoy good music and it would seem my taste is quite varied and I am looking to expand it as much as I can.

… Let me go wear down my favorite tracks on Chant Down Babylon … 😀


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