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Language Integrated Query (LINQ) for Java

One of the much talked about and hyped enhancements in the latest release of Microsoft’s .NET Framework is the Language Integrated Query (LINQ) that is included with languages like C# 3.0 and Visual Basic .NET 9.0. Several new features of the upcoming Visual Studio 2008 code name Orcas leverage and make it much easier to take advantage of LINQ. The theoretical basis of LINQ means that it was only a matter of time before it appeared on other languages and/or platforms.

LINQ represents a more natural way of marrying the relational and OO paradigms in such a manner that both can be supported with the tools that are available to developers today, with additional updates. IBM is working on JLINQ (Java Language Integrated Query) according this article and this is an excellent development though Microsoft did beat them to market with this feature. At this point, it seem JLINQ is an Eclipse-based component which means that you can’t take advantage of it from other Java IDEs like Netbeans. Additional information about JLINQ are scanty at the moment but it would be useful to have an idea of how it relates to the Java language and platform.


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