Error 31: A device connected the system is not functioning

For the better part of the weekend, I have been looking for the cause and possible solution to Error 31. I thought the technical department of my service provider would have a solution to the problem well at hand so I deferred to them. However, it turns out they don’t have any sensible solution at hand though I must admit the matter did receive quality attention – Thanks Francis.

It turns out the problem was with my computer and more specifically my Windows Vista OS of all the things that could have been the source of the error. I started scouring the web for possible solutions as well as following leads supplied by Mr. Francis. In all the materials I have read with regard to Error 31, it seemed like the error has something to do with the Remote Access Service (RAS) that runs on Windows Vista.

Current Confguration

OS: Windows Vista SP1

Device: USB 3G HSPDA Modem (E160 – Huawei)

What Worked For me

I uninstalled Virtual PC which until this point have not interfered with the 3G HSPDA connection. More important to note is that I used Revo Uninstaller to remove Virtual PC which means that all traces of it were removed from the registry as well as the hard disk.

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