What Wikipedia Says About The Pascal Programming Language

Wikipedia has become the reference for just about any topic you want to find information about though I do have my reservation for using it as sole reference for academic papers. I was looking for the latest information about the Pascal programming language and one of the best place to start the search would be Wikipedia of course and hopefully the Wikipedia entry for Pascal would have links to other more specialized sources of information.

Here is the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pascal_(programming_language)

As of this writing, this is what is found at the aforementioned URL:


If you can’t see the text in the image clearly, it says “you are a single moon in the sky i wish to see you but you are too high”. Does not look like anything Pascal related, huh? But I must admit it is rather poetic … would love to see the rest of that piece 🙂

I wonder how often this happens?

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