Google Phoenix Closing Doors

News out of Google says that on November 21, 2008 the Internet search giant’s office in Phoenix, Arizona will close its doors. This is not a reduction in the number of Google employees though there is a possibility that those who are not able to move out of Phoenix may choose to find other alternatives. However the closure underscores a shift that Google may be under taking as it increasingly need to cope with the fact that it is a more grown up venture thus optimizing its operations to ensure that it builds on its existing assets becomes imperative.

This particular story caught my interest because of the need to ensure entrepreneurial spirits in this day and age and nobody would disagree with the assertion that Google has done more to foster entrepreneurial spirit in its employees. They tend to attract people who have the potential to be intrapreneur and this is key to their on going success.

However the balance between maturing organization structure, policies and procedures on the one hand and instilling entrepreneurial spirit throughout the work force is a delicate one. I don’t know if current Google employees still do feel the start-up spirit at the search giant or they have become more comfortable with an increasingly well structured organization with policies and procedures for everything and the ensuing requirement to follow the laid down rules as it were.

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