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Firefox 3 Record setting ways; IE Team Sent a Cake – awww

The web is a blaze with news of the 9 million downloads that the recently released Firefox 3 garnered. That is 9 million downloads within a period of 24 hours. Firefox 3 has come a long way in; I have been using it since its alpha releases and hence I hardly see any cause for excitement about the release but it is truly an improvement. Memory utilization is better as compared to Firefox 2 and the awesome bar is great though it does take some getting used to.

That aside, the Internet browser war may be back up on us once again and it is indeed a joyous time for netizens. Such competition should lead to some innovation as each camp attempts to out do their rivals. An increasingly visible Apple is pushing Safari and sometimes using questionable tactics like offering the said browser as an update to Apple software. Firefox 3 does install itself as the default browser on the machine though this setting can be changed at the browser preference window.

A mention of browsers would not be complete without a reference to Internet Explorer which is the market leader at the onset of of the Browser Wars 2.0 and the current production release of IE is version 7 though beta 2 of IE 8 is in the works. One of the positive side effects of the emergence of Firefox as a browser is the resurgent interest and investment in IE which has resulted in tabs featuring in IE 7 and a push for better standards compliance in IE 8. In general Opera has always been viewed as the more standards compliant browser in the market but for some reason it didn’t effectively challenge the dominance of IE.

Most people would probably remember what happened to Netscape during Browser Wars 1.0 and the war did bring the true colors of Microsoft to the public’s eye; However with Wars 2.0, Microsoft’s IE Team sent Mozilla a cake to congratulate the latter on the release of Firefox 3.


Jokes aside, consider the symbolic meaning of the Mozilla team eating that e? Yes, very cannibal – so let us have a good, clean fight over who comes out with the best browser. Underhanded tricks will probably be displayed more openly but then again we hope that users join in the fun as well. Notice the rise of Firefox and the level of support that it has as reflected by the sheer number of extensions and addons that are available for the browser. 9 millions downloads thus far speaks of an ability to market the browser through the strength of the community surrounding the browser. Browser users can play a very clear and important role in refereeing Browser Wars 2.0


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