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Abstract Wondering

This year has been interesting so far though the things that I am experiencing and will hopefully experience are diverse and thrusts me to an entirely different level of personal development. I am passionate about technology and would talk anyone’s ear off but of late I have been more open to business ideas. With regard to transforming myself into a consummate businessman, it is a challenging under taking as being physically handicap can quickly get in the way of the scale and success of implementing a business idea. I have found a work around which I hope to devote resources to and see how far all these take me. The underlying concept is to take more risks though of course these will be calculated risks.

While on the subject of risks, I have decided to pursue an evolution of character and personality. A while back, I spent time defining, in broad terms, what my understanding of myself was and over the last 3 or so years I have had trials upon my understanding of myself. Looking back, everything seemed to have worked out; I am not saying that I have reached the epitome of personal/character development but I have managed to define a fundamental understanding of myself that can handle adjustments when needed and can successfully navigate pit falls on the way. However, in all that evolution there is an element of risk-taking which I didn’t quite incorporate into it all. That’s the reason why this year shall be different and geared towards addressing my aversion to personal risk taking. There are those who will differ with my self assessment but I tend to think that long term I need to take more risk and that is one of the only ways I can truly reach my potential.

Aversion to risk taking could stem from so many other forces which can range from a fragile ego to simply an inability to handle any failure. However, it is quite possible that aversion to risk might also be caused by a fear to succeed wherein success more often than not leads to additional responsibility for your creation and its effects. It is akin to one day you are a nobody and the next day you have responsibility to a number of other people or businesses. That can sure lead to some doubt about any under taking. Perhaps, I could say that I am of this group – those who are afraid of success. From this perspective, it would seem that success can possibly rob me of my personal freedom but at the same time it is much more rewarding to be responsible for something that has far greater ramifications than anything whose effects are limited to an individual.


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