Microsoft Sync Framework

The world of web application is increasingly getting more interesting. AJAX brought such interactivity and responsibiveness to web applications such that for the first time it looks like Web apps may finally have a shot at taking over some of the application scenarios that are best handled by desktop applications. Well before we get there (if ever – you can never tell with technology evolution), it looks like more can be done as demonstrated by Google Gears and Yahoo Pipes which both aim to make it possible to disconnect from the web/application server and continue using web applications in the absence of a connection to the server.

Microsoft is the omipresent provider of platforms when it comes to PCs and computer software in general; nobody can deny their utter and complete dominance of the desktop OS market and their influence is also growing on the server OS market. While in the long run the increased prominence of web applications is a threat to Microsoft’s desktop OS market, the company realizes that it may not have much in terms of stopping the movement towards more capable web applications. Instead a strategy that would make sense would be to provide the infrastructure on which these empowered web applications will run. Increased influence on the server OS market, web application frameworks as well as the necessary tools to develop and manage these web applications makes for a good long term strategy.

Microsoft Sync Framework developer site describes as the framework as

… a comprehensive synchronization platform that enables collaboration and offline access for applications, services and devices. Using Microsoft Sync Framework runtime, developers can build sync ecosystems that integrate any application, with any data from any store using any protocol over any network. This document will help you understand how the Microsoft Sync Framework enables synchronization to build a synchronization topology.

Download details: Microsoft Sync Framework

  1. #1 by Balaji on March 29, 2008 - 3:04 pm


    I would like to create a sample web application with microsoft synch framework. Can you please send me the URL which contains sample web applications

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