Being the Creator of the Universe!

There are various explanations to how life came to be what it is: from the big bang theory, evolution to creation. It would seem that at some point all these attempts at explaining the origin of life reach a point where is there an unknown and I like thinking of that as the creator of the universe (yes, I am deliberately avoiding referring to the almighty with the common name known to everyone). Ever wondered what that primordial state (of high density and temperatures that resulted in the big bang) was? Or perhaps who originated that state in the first place? In essence you might agree that creation explanation of the origin of the universe gets to the originator of that primordial state faster than the big bang theory or perhaps even evolution.

The Bible gives an account of creation in six days and there is no reason to doubt that these six days were not millions of years in the first place: our current understanding of a day is the duration of time the earth takes to rotate once on its axis but at the time of creation there was no earth to talk about let alone the sun.

So, the universe was created by a supreme being in however long it (I don’t know the gender of God) took to create the universe. Are you getting the impression that the creator must be one powerful being: its intelligence must be off the charts and such minor inconveniences such as time and space don’t make much sense to it. Yesterday, tomorrow, today and in this moment and eternal moment can all mean the same thing at the same time or different things at the same time. How about that omnipresence? Here, there, somewhere and everywhere all can be the same place or even different places that are not so different. Wouldn’t it be cool to say something like I am going to THE place called “NOT HERE”?

To be a master of an entire creation (living and non-living, matter and anti-matter and all the other stuff that we still have no clue about) must be one boring experience I reckon. Don’t get me wrong, the power is awesome but there is practically no challenge: there is no difference in the notion of yesterday, today and tomorrow and this means that there is nothing that needed to have been known yesterday and something you are finding out today or perhaps something you will find out in the future. Knowledge about everything is known now or perhaps independent of time: what God knows is not tied to the passing of time or perhaps even more clearly it is not tied to the existence of time.

Each of us, as human beings, celebrate or at least mark the time we came into this world and the various events that mark key milestones in our struggle through life. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow but we look forward to tomorrow based on faith and more often than not (at least for those who have lived long enough), we forget what we have experienced in the past and for the now and here, our limitations as beings that possess material aspects mean that we can not experience a moment in its complete entirety so that we can say that we have experienced a second in its entirety: we have blinked and looked at the same time! Our shackles to temporal and physical limitations define the basis of our experience as human beings and perhaps without these limitations life, as we know it, would have much different and even more complicated meaning. Oh, don’t forget that after all these we still hope (at least for those who believe in its existence) to continue living forever (be it in heaven or in hell).

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed: if we, as human beings, are made of matter and and form (soul) and it is acceptable to assume that both are made of energy then the possibility of life after death is not so remote. It just boils down to transferring these forms of energy (matter which invariably decomposes and well the soul, as a form of energy, can’t just cease to be) into other forms of energy.

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