Irrelevant but Important

The most personal aspect of my life is perhaps my physical challenge which until this point I have a pretty good understanding of it: I can work with it and live a life with it but it has been quite obvious that I need to improve my efforts in communicate what this physical challenge means. While I understand and respect that not everybody would want to know about my physical challenge, it ultimately affects the manner which in I interact with people. The balance between telling those who are interested or at least should be interested and not bothering those who don’t want to know has been a challenge. In this regards, I think my interaction with kids has been the most inspiring examples I can point to: I have come across a number of kids who would just ask a question straight out and I will have no choice but to answer them within the context of their question.

What I haven’t figured out still is how to tell someone that my physical challenge is fundamentally irrelevant to the meaning of my life but it is something that cannot (I won’t allow it) be overlooked: it is fundamentally irrelevant to the definition of my life but it is irrevocably part of my life. Yes, it does sound totally contradicting but there is a distinct differentiation between these two statements. It is fundamentally irrelevant to the definition of my life in that it does not preclude me from participating in living but at the same time it also defines and/or affect the manner in which I participate in living. That is as simply as I can possibly put it but that difference I have not explained to anybody yet. Of course this is further complicated by the fact that there are those who are close to me who have an intrinsic appreciation for this difference while others are seemingly oblivious this fact.

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