Beta Updates From Microsoft

This week Microsoft released three beta software: Windows Live Writer, Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Messenger. These software are useful and so far work well despite being in better. The Windows Live Writer update (which I am using to write this post) is considerably better compared to its immediate predecessor. It has additional features which I can’t list at the moment but I am particularly intrigued by the layout of the UI. It is less clumsy better organized; finally there is support for Windows Vista’s Aero UI.

The previous installation of Windows Live Mail on Windows Vista did not work. There was an error with the initialization of a DLL (mail.dll to be exact, whatever that is); a couple hours of Googling turned up nothing useful. I was the using the earlier releases of Windows Live Mail running on Windows XP and I though this particular mail client was powerful though I used it to manage my Hotmail email account. I don’t know many people who use Hotmail as their primary email service but that Hotmail account was the first web email I got. Enough digression, this is about mail clients. As I explored Windows Live Mail, I discovered it had a nice interface for reading RSS feeds and I created a large number of these feeds and would just go through them. This weeks release of Windows Live Mail runs on my Windows Vista installation though there are some mail account configuration issues to sort out. I can’t connect and download messages from a Gmail account; the connection times out for most part of it. It is worthwhile to notice that Windows Live Mail is currently being billed as the replacement for Outlook Express that has been the default mail client for Windows installation.

Windows Live Messenger Beta was the other beta release. I like this release of Windows Live Messenger though compared to other free web emails (like Gmail and Yahoo) Windows Live Hotmail is lagging way behind. Gmail has had a chat feature for sometime and the Yahoo Mail Beta team is rolling out theirs. The continued evolution of Windows Live Messenger is great but its integration with its free online mail counterpart is still an open question at this point as far as I can tell.

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