Beginning of a New Semester

This week saw the start of a new semester which means same old challenges to go through and for some reason it is increasingly becoming clear that the start of a semester must necessarily suck! While I am not a fan of mourning about the realities of life, I must admit the bulk of the usual challenges I deal with at the start of the semester are largely taken care of; only one unit has been scheduled in a lecture room that requires scaling an ungodly number of stairs. I am hoping this will be sorted out soon.

This semester I have one IT-centric unit in the name of Computer Graphics; I am yet to have the first lecture but I think this is something I intend to enjoy and hopefully be a good reason to become more friendly with graphics. I am mostly biased towards web applications and the web apps I have developed so far aim for simplicity and some elegant but eye catching use of color. In short not much graphics come into play when I work on a web app. Of course a web app is suppose to serve a purpose and hence most of the bling bling is not necessary. I don’t think the Computer Graphics unit is going to be about those kinds of graphics though but it will be fun to discover more details about graphics.

World Civilization I is the humanity elective that I am taking this semester. From the first lecture it is going to be an interesting unit though the fact that I am taking evening classes will some what mean less involvement in the lectures on my part. I liked the introductory lecture and it is the kind of lecturing that I prefer: no notes provided. Single Origin theory was fascinating; I had a look at the Wikipedia entry on the subject and my mind was abuzz with the possibilities. In all the world, there is the greatest genetic diversity in Africa which according to the theory means that Africa was the birth place of the modern man. From a simplistic view, it is hence acceptable to posit that new generation of human beings are more likely to emerge from the great genetic diversity present in Africa. I am currenlty following the Heroes TV series; in this series, a number of people have super human abilities as a result of evolution …

The other units for the semester include Business Law, Introduction to Macroeconomics and Cost Accounting. All these are business units and that’s all I am going to say about them for now other than the fact that there will be a need to read a large amount of notes.

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