Another Semester Ends

Four months of the year have gone by in the name of a semester. It was an interesting semester overall though the start could have been much better. Lecture rooms allocation was not the best and one unit in particular had its lecturer AWOL for the better part of the first half of the semester. Such delays will no doubt have an effect but I am just waiting to see how that’s going to affect my performance after all is said and done.

Computer Operating System was interesting, particularly the practical sessions. It was fun learning yet another scripting language in the name of Bourne Again Shell (Bash) Script. I got a chance to look at Minix source code though only briefly; much of it made sense and tied in nicely with the theory of the unit. The discussions that started in class were also interesting so I would have to say Computer Operating System is the unit of the semester though that could just be chalked down to a biased opinion of a code junkie and someone addicted to OS and platform soap operas: Windows vs Linux vs Unix, Java vs .NET vs PHP and the rest of the lot.

The semester had other units as well such as Introduction to Philosophy and Ethics II. These two units were a source of pain – mental pain that is. Don’t get me wrong it is not that I lacked the interest in the units but the materials covered in the lectures were not challenging enough. Given the option, I would much rather sit somewhere quietly and think any number of disjointed thoughts about nothing in particular and everything generally. There were some good that came out of doing these two units: in Philosophy, I learnt about the start of philosophy and its evolution through the years. Towards the end it was actually very interesting though that’s when everything was being summarized and concluded for the semester. As for Ethics II, there was not much surprise there and there is nothing particularly memorable about the unit that comes to mind at this time. However, I can’t explain how it is that I will pass this unit.

System Development methodologies was interesting though it was largely like a mashup of a number of other subjects: it covered some ground with regard to Object Orientation, Structured Analysis and Design, Information Engineering and some introductory material on data analysis and database design.

On a personal level, it was a challenging semester which makes me wonder what lies ahead. I have had to struggle to stay put in some of the lectures and it is my hope that this situation does not escalate further; perhaps the most appropriate thing to say in response to that is to deal with what happens when it happens.

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