Physical Challenge: Mobility

Living life as a physically handicap person is quite fascinating to say the least and as time passes it has come to occur to me that the state of being physically handicap is perhaps not the most difficult challenge there is. Instead the challenge lies in adopting to the environment that the handicap person must necessarily interact with. The sheer scale and influence of this environment makes this a non-trivial endeavor that is more than just a short term goal but more of a life-long commitment.

I am physically handicap and perhaps even proudly so; mobility is one of the subjects that constantly occupies my thoughts and the bulk of most of what I do takes into account and must accommodate my need to ensure that my movement is efficient and possibly minimal. I believe people should take personal responsibilities for and in their actions; my mobility is my personal responsibilities and as such it is solely upon me to make decisions that affect my mobility and perhaps more importantly it is absolutely imperative that I am involved in making any decisions that will negatively affect my mobility.

The sheer amount of mental strength that I spend in managing my mobility can not be quantified and this is likely to become more complex with time; while the passing of time will complicated the manner in which I manage my mobility, it will also mean that the bulk of whatever resources I can access will be spent in reducing any complexity that develops.

The following are some of the basic guidelines that I follow when actively making decisions about my mobility:

  • Any movement I undertake must be necessary; this means that I cannot find someone to handle the matter that requires my mobility.
  • Generally stair cases should be avoided whenever possible but if the movement in question is necessary for one reason or the other, then a two storey building can be managed. Of course the use of elevators is perfectly welcomed.
  • I have no need or desire to tolerate anybody who would choose to stand me up; anybody (except those who have already used up their one chance to stand me) have one chance to stand me up and thereafter it does not happen again. Please note that it is much better to cancel an appointment (in good time) instead of standing me up.
  • Use of public transport during rainy weather is generally avoid; any possibility of rain, coupled with the use of public transport will most likely lead to the cancellation or postponement of an appointment.
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