Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is a fact of live as long as a computer is running the Windows operating system. Microsoft services such as Windows Update and Microsoft Update require the use of the browser. On the other hand other Microsoft products are also optimized for their browser and that’s the premise I take into consideration when I access using Internet Explorer.

I am running Internet Explorer 7 and earlier on use to load nicely with access to all the news items that I am interested in from around the web. All these are configured using RSS feeds which centralizes content from many sources into a single location. I am aware of other RSS feeds clients but I like because I have access to all the stuff that matter to me from wherever I am (as long as I have access to the internet) which means no need for me to be disconnected or to be passed by interesting developments. won’t load using Internet Explorer but it loads nicely on Firefox; On Internet Explorer I get a JavaScript error which isn’t there on Firefox. I recently installed Zone Alarm firewall which originally I thought was causing the problems but if it is the firewall then shouldn’t load on firefox as well. I have granted exceptions to the IP address used by but I still can’t get my feeds to display on IE.

Any suggestions about a possible solution (or solutions) are welcome!

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