hello, I am disabled … get over it fast!!

By virtue of owning a disability, I can hazard a claim of having an intimate understanding of what it means to be “disabled” and consequently assert that I am an expert on the subject.

I have come across all sorts of people but mostly good people in my life so far and there are those that puzzle me sometimes. I have blogged about the fact that I love being handicap (which is irrevocably part of who I am) but at the same time I have picked up innuendos from people who I meet for the first time that borders on a thought such as “… you are disabled and you really need help”; what I like to think of as a woye effect. Don’t get me wrong, it is perfectly fine to sympathesize or whatever that it is that such a thought suggests but it does not help to dwell on it or worse still go ahead and form conclusions based on the sympathy you feel.

Oh, in case you are wondering it is not acceptable for you to become a bitch/jerk about it as well. I mean, I am disabled … fine, it is a fact of life. When I say you shouldn’t dwell on it, it is not an invitation for you to challenge me to a 100m dash. Unless of course this dash does not involving running… challenge me to reason about something … arm wrestling perhaps.

This is a point that I am yet to master how to communicate across to my friends and acquaintances. Of course I need to develop appropriate attitude to communicate this in my demeanor, generally. Hmm… I don’t think that is problem.

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