It is another new year

Well well well … it has been quite sometime since my last post on this blog. A lot has been happening. There is literally too much to write about and some of the issues are already old but they are still important from my perspective.


From last year, Microsoft/Novell deal generated enough buzz and it was one of the topics that I was closely following. It affects some of the ideas that I am looking forward to testing out in real world.


In 2006, I grew old much faster than can be justified byt he passing of a single calender year. I think I am now ancient, with an equally buffling numeric assignment for my age. I have heard of other methods of determining a person’s age (was it on Oprah or some other talk show … yeah I used to watch such talk shows); it is under such metrics that I have aged more rapidly over the past year. That aging process is set to continue this year but the difference is that I will not be caught off guard.


To most of my friends and casual aquaintances, it is no secret that I like programming generally speaking. Last year, I have gotten into a number of programming projects that are pushing the limits of my knowledge which is exciting since this leads to a more profound understanding of some of the topics in software development, design and implementation. In the previous year, I have worked with PHP, Java and ASP.NET and with the dawn of the new calender year, I will be doing more with Java and probably PHP but I can’t outwrightly deny the possibility of working with ASP.NET.


I have installed Ubuntu and had it working for a while before my Windows installation went postal on me. I haven’t gotten around to doing a reinstall but I hope to get to it at some point. I am not looking forward to a Windows installation again but the prospects of using Ubuntu for a regular desktop OS is not far off.


On a person scale last year was interesting full of ups and downs and as is the norm the turbulence led to new realizations and conclusions. I have come to know and call a few more people my friends while I have also discovered what a person need to have so as to qualify as a friend. A friend of mine must appreciate and possibly accommodate my disability and without such a foundation a friendship is not possible. Actually for me to call anybody a friend he/she must accommodate my disability.


It occurred to me that the bulk of my time is spent managing my disability and overall most of the things I do in life tend to be geared towards coping with my “disability”. This is a conclusion that I came to in 2006 and it is a foundation that I have not taken into consideration before but I am glad that events have led me to this conclusion.

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