Beauty is broken

Perfection is always understood with reference to divine beings such as God and his angels. Generally nobody would accept an assertion that a human being is perfect and there is some sense in that though I would not be quick to rule out the significance of such a statement. I believe a person can accept himself/herself to be perfect within the confines of his/her imperfections. Yes, I still have a feeling that there is a perspective that I am not seeing in that assertion as it stands.

Look at it this way, the aforementioned imperfections are actually perfect: they are just in the right format and configuration to either balance out some other aspects of the person’s personality or being. Hollywood peddles this notion that people who meet a society’s/culture’s definition of beautiful/handsome are not necessarily the nicest people while those who are considered physically undesirable are willing to show amazing humanity towards others. That was just a generic example that most people may have encountered but on a personal level, most people (who are honest with themselves) would appreciate their “imperfections”.

From the trail of reasoning in the previous paragraph then the conclusion that a human being is perfect is acceptable. Perfection does not necessarily mean absence of imperfections but rather the wholeness and totality of being with reference to a person’s/object’s purpose for existing or simply put a person’s/object’s nature.

Then, how does human perfection relate to divinity?

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