Ok, ok so I have not been giving some TLC to my blog lately but the whole idea is still kind of strange to me to say the least. Plus I could run through a list of such excuses for the rest of eternity. So, first of all Nairobi weather is being totally out of season: it is almost the middle of September and it feel like July. Well, thanks to mother nature’s mood swings I have been cozying up with the common cold. I have just been practicing the variations of sounds that I can produce to accompany a sneeze; I got to have some fun while I am ailing, don’t I?

I have been planning an upgrade to my desktop for a while now and this week I finally took the plunge. I bought I GB of RAM and have them installed. It is not secret that I bored at the thought of dealing with hardware; the installation of the new RAM was not much of a problem though I must admit I had someone who is comfortable with hardware to help along with the process. Anyhow, the chips were installed without incident but after a couple of minutes of running the infamous BSoD would show up. During the few minutes that it was running, my face lit up in delight at the improved performance of my aging desktop.

My buddy left me to deal with the BSoD since it was now a software problem and hence rationally my domain. Of course, I totally forgot to mention that deal with software that are closely associated with hardware (such as drivers) is not that different from the hardware themselves but hey software is software. They will crash and a reboot or two later, they are back to square one ready to crash all over again. Initially, I figured that I need to reinstall Windows to fix the BSoD but I was not in any position to start a Windows re-installation: I have not backed up my data yet and besides I need to experience the current state of my hard disk with the increased RAM.

Like all computer users plagued by BSoD and similar calamities, I conferred with Google. I visited a number of forums where people experience similar problems to mine and I was beginning to get a number of ideas of what was going on. Eventually, I resolved to have a look at the computer’s hardware. It turned out that there is a S3 Graphics ProSavageDDR display driver that’s not starting properly. I updated the display driver and the computer has been performing well since then. I left it running for a while expecting the return of the BSoD but it didn’t show up so I shutdown normally. On start up the next time around, I checked on the aforementioned driver and it was acting up again. Well, I decide to chuck the driver all together and everything has been hanky dory since then.

The other simpler installation was that of a DVD drive. Well, there is not much there to relay other than the fact that it was installed without much trouble.

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