Success vs fear of failure

In any endeavour that might yield results of significant consequence (which may be positive or negative) there is an associate fear of failure. Failure is not necessarily a bad thing; if anything it is important to fail, if only to closely examine the reasons for failure and hence get some idea of what to do differently the next time around.

Accepting to failure is a bit tricky though that seems to be as a result of the associated negativity of failure rather than any inherent harm in failing. Of course, it goes without saying that making a habit of failing smacks of failure in the absence of any attempts to succeed. Failing is perhaps the easiest thing to achieve because the much that any one can do is muster the courage to allow events to proceed with little to no intervention aimed at changing the outcome. Yes, in some instances not acting is the right course of action but most people work themselves into a frenzy so that they don’t just sit by as everything falls into pieces.

All in all, struggle to succeed but welcome failure when it seems inevitable. The old saying goes something like if at first you don’t succeed … Well, trying again requires a new dimension and a good source of this new perspective is the wreckage of earlier attempts.

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