This week I setup my first network though the network is not yet completely done. I am not a fan of networking generally but I have come to appreciate the need to have rudimentary knowledge of setting up a small network and managing it. With my first network, I hope I will be in a better position to gain practical knowledge in setting up a network and managing such a network.

My first network is not huge: it comprises of a desktop computer, a D-Link DWL 700AP Access Point and at least two laptops. Other laptops will most likely come into and go out of the network. Initially I had problems accessing the AP’s web interface so that I can configure it. After an hour of googling I found a solution to my problem: I was not suppose to give the machine’s NIC card the same IP address as the default IP address of the D-Link AP. Such knowledge definitely belongs in the equipment manual but hey live and learn I suppose. It goes without saying that the machine’s IP address should be in the same range as the AP’s default IP. So, I finally got the AP’s configuration interface and setup all the aspects of the wireless network. I still need to do some further configuration before everything can work as I have envisioned.

My desktop computer dual boots Windows XP Pro along with Linux (I just upgraded to Fedora Core 5). So far, I have not been able to setup a connection on the desktop; it is about time I format the hard disk anyhow. It has never been formatted since it was bought about two years ago. The hard disk is of course a gold mine in itself so I need to back up much of the data I have, both under Windows and Linux and then go ahead with the formatting. I will probably dual boot again but this time I want to install Ubuntu along side Windows XP. Ubuntu has been famous as a desktop distro and I am not sure how good it is as a server. The latest release (Dapper Drake or Ubuntu 6.06 LTS) can be used as a server and being a Linux distro, it inherits the features of Linux as a server platform. Hmm, Ubuntu is based on Debian if I remember correctly.

Back to my small network: I need to have the machines talk to each other before bringing out the victory parade.

  1. #1 by mattbriancon on August 19, 2006 - 7:29 am

    Make sure all the computers are in the same work group. When I set up my first network (years ago, but it stuck) that’s what kept me going in cirlces. Good luck. Feel free to message me with any questions.

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