Living Life Intro

Balance is important but to achieve balance there must be a centre that will support the state and be a continuous point from which subsequent adjustments are made.

This about the first time that I am blogging so I thought some kind of introduction will be handy indeed. A couple of months ago (about nine months ago), I decided to take on a job for about a year so that I can gain some experience in the job market which will at least strengthen my resume. Besides such an obvious objective in mind, I had other personal objectives that I wanted to reach. I wanted to know what kind of environment and conditions I can work in and how much of this environment will be supported by myself and how much of it will be provided by the employer.

I am currently faced with a decision that will require more effort to gain my centre of balance: I want to leave my current job and there are at least a dozen reasons I can come up with to justify it. It is a decision that has to be made because I don’t really believe in doing things the “normal” way unless of course it mades sense to do it that way.

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