Information Security: Principles and Practice

I started reading a book about information security. I like gathering informaiton generally but have never had the patience to go through a technical book or documentation for that matter cover to cover. It is a good habit so I have embarked on cultivating a culture of reading a book cover to cover. Of course the idea is not to read like I am reading for an exam but instead read for the enjoyment of reading.

Information security is a great topic to look at from a developers perspective. Hmm, I think the contents of this book will become relevant to my studies later on. Well, I hope I will remember most of what I read this time around to be useful in an academic setting later on.

I have had some interest in authentication and authorization with a view towards implementing a pluggable generic framework for authentication and authorization. I am hoping this book will give a good foundation from which to start the design and modeling process for such a framework. I have come across a number of good authentication and authorization libraries on the web but I think the process of attempting to implement a framework will broaden my understanding of the topic generally.

I am not far along with the book to warrant any discourse on the topic of information security but so far I am liking the way the author eases into the whole topic.

The book is called: Information Security: Principles and Practices by Mark Stamp.

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